Fine Arts, Antiques, Paintings, Silver-work in Belgium

Did you ever wonder what your treasured objects are worth? Do you own silverware, or a beautiful canteen of cutlery, inherited from your grandparents, and would you like to know their estimated price? Do you wonder who painted that picture which is hanging on the wall in your living room and would you like to know whether the artist is listed? Do you want to sell your antiques, but you have no idea what their value would be on the complex antiques market?
Two experts offer free antique valuations, especially of silverware and paintings. Through our network of professional contacts, we can also refer you to experts in other fields (e.g. jewellery, wine, old books, etc.) or to auction houses.
Please do not hesitate to contact us and send us pictures of the objects you would like us to appraise. We commit ourselves to respond to you promptly, providing you with a price estimate.
Home visits can be arranged upon request (only in Belgium).

Tel : 0476 51 76 14

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